I have a question to the members that life in Europe,

I have a question to the members that life in Europe, whats the best pla for 20€ or less, I want to try something different, because I always just use esun pla.

I have good experiences with Das Filament and the Filamentworld own PLA

I’ve been really happy with “Real Filament”. Have used both their PLA and their PETG. The PETG is really good.

@Alan_Lord I print really fast (80mm/s, 0.5mm nozzle, 0.25mm layer hight), because I am kind off impatient, I have experienced problems with abs , sticking to itself while printing that fast, but pla printing nice, how does petg behave at those speeds?

@Franz_Schmidt lol - You can’t print PETG fast in my experience. The finish, temperature profile and strength are similar to ABS but no need for enclosure or extractor fans.

@Franz_Schmidt Ya, for good, reliable results, you generally need to stick to less than 60mm/s with PETG. PETG has many advantages over PLA, but print speed isn’t one of them. For mechanical, outdoors, heat, and sunlight exposure, PETG a nice step up from PLA. From a raw temp perspective, it still falls under ABS. For print speed, PLA is still king.

And waht do you think about no name pla from ebay or amazon for 15€, any good, or hit and miss

@Franz_Schmidt According to the review king of filaments, there is no correlation between quality of filament and price. Which means you can find good filament at every price point. You can find bad filament at every price point. What you’re really paying for is consistency.

Consistency provides for stable color from roll to roll and color from start of roll to end of roll. It also ensures consistent diameter start to finish and roll to roll.

If you print normal hobby stuff and not frequently, just about any quality filament at any given price point will work. If you are professional and don’t have time to measure and tweak and worry about color consistency, then generally this is why they use the professional series filaments.

The other advantage of a well known brands is that profiles tend to be pretty solid for them. If you don’t want to tweak and refine a generic profile, then lessor brands may not be for you.

Example of budget filament is attached. Edit: Which is the image attachment. Different link follows.

This guy is widely considered the king of filament reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjhW2NiILZc

@Greg_Copeland Yes I have seen this video from makers muse. Thanks, I am going to buy the cheapest one that I can find shipped from my country, just to try

Nice, found some “allegedly german made” pla, class b, filament ok, only damaged spools. What are you thinking

eins3d sells their pla fun+ for 15€ per kg. I’ve only printed a few parts with it but it’s certainly much better than the pla i got with my printer (anet a6). https://www.eins3d.de/39-pla-fun-filament

@Franz_Schmidt I tested the filament you posted about from eBay. It’s a little wobbly and tolerances aren’t perfect when messured, but I couldn’t See any differences in the print.

Check ebaystore “modelltitan”, quality filament on self printed spools. 16euro/kg incl. shipping.

@aeth_aeth what do you mean by wobbly, and what tolerances, like 1.7 to 1.8, better or worse, already bought two spools, but they haven’t arived yet.

@Franz_Schmidt yes, 0.1mm differences at the most in my wood colored PLA from the same source.
The filament isn’t perfectly straight, but that alone doesn’t affect the print, but looks amateurish.