I have a question regarding chilipeppr available workspaces:  Is the GRBL workspace being developed

I have a question regarding chilipeppr available workspaces:
Is the GRBL workspace being developed or should I consider changing Arduino+GRBL to TinyG board?
I am also planning to use LASER workspace in the near future and I hope to find it very useful.

My current setup is NEMA34 and DM860A drivers connected to grbl 0.9i flashed Arduino board and controlled by Serial JSON 1.8 + Chilipeppr grbl workspace.

In the GRBL workspace I found a bit annoying when the ‘Move by’ Custom field value is being changed during manual operation of the machine (without any action from user’s side in this particular field) from default value of 10 up to 10000. Clicking any of the Jog buttons afterwards without verifying if that ‘accidential’ value change occured may effect in huge move on an axis and limit switch alarm. Few times it nearly ‘killed’ my tool on the Z axis, going too far to ‘into the table’ direction. Always good to have limit switches, but unexpected Alarm reset might be a pain too.

It looks also that all nice new features seems not to be available for grbl now, but may be in the future or no plans yet?

Thanks for developing such a great tool.
Regards to all Team - Seb.

The TinyG workspace definitely gets all the cool new features first. Grbl only gets them when Grbl users rally and update the Grbl workspace. TinyG also has more power than Grbl, so there’s more features in the TinyG workspace that would never be possible in Grbl like the “executed” flag that tells you exactly when your Gcode line was executed by the controller.

I’m not sure what you mean by the Custom field changing on you. The only way that may happen is with the shift key, alt key, or ctrl key. Now that I think about it, that was a bug from a long time ago that I fixed in the TinyG workspace. It is possible that bug lingers in the Grbl workspace. Most of the widgets in the Grbl workspace are the TinyG widgets but the Axes widget is the only one that is a different codebase.

Thanks a lot @jlauer ​. I ordered TinyG board already.

The custom field value change indeed looks like a bug.