I have a question for those who ordered from robotdigg recently?

I have a question for those who ordered from robotdigg recently? How long did it take you to get your order (in US)? Did you pay standard Air Mail shipping or more expensive FedEx/UPS?

FedEx. Cost me 70 or so. Got it in a week.

I paid regular shipping, got it in 7 days

UPS for a lot of tnuts. It was $30 got it in less than a week in SoCal. It was still much cheaper than what I would’ve spent at Misumi.
If it’s a small, light (in weight) order then expedited shipping might not be worth it. Standard shipping was 15 days for me. Still faster than most places on AliExpress AND with direct contact via email or Skype.

Very fast shipment. And the packaging is great. I feel like someone can drop that package and everything will still be in tact.

Any of you have troubles searching/finding the part numbers listed in the BOM (on http://robotdigg.com)?

yeah, robotdigg have a good opportunity to improve their search feature… google helped “site:http://robotdigg.com part-i-need”

It’s normally pretty fast, but Chinese New Year has slowed down a lot of shipments from China lately.

I can’t seem to access http://robotdigg.com anymore :frowning:

I’m presently on it @Dat_Chu . In fact, I was about to post up and ask which microswitch you guys got, this is the one I was thinking we were supposed to get: http://www.robotdigg.com/product/154/Microswitch-Board-w/-Lead-Wires-for-3D-Printers

Something is wrong with my internet DNS then :frowning: Hmm.