I have a question concerning auto-leveling.

I have a question concerning auto-leveling.
I want to create the probe-data once and then I want to use the probe-data for several gcode-files.
How can I do this?
I know, how to take the probe-data. But if I load a new gcode-file and send the (old) probe-data to the just loaded file, the old file (the one, that was loaded, while the data are probed) will be reloaded automatically.
I use the GRBL-workspace.

Probed data can be reloaded from the upper right corner triangle menu. That way you can do exactly what you’re trying to do. Just load your recent probe data, and send your Gcode to workspace.

@jlauer hm, but this is what I (try to) do and what does not work for me. Maybe I do it the wrong way?
How do I have to load the probe data? Do I only have to press the load button, if this textarea is still empty, or do I have to paste the probe data, that has been showed to me and that I have copied, into the textarea and press the load button after that?
I have tried both, but the result of sending the probe data to the workspace was, that the workspce was reloaded with the old gcode, that has this probdata in it.

Load new Gcode into the workspace, go to auto-level widget, click “send gcode to workspace”, and it will auto-level it. Can you post further examples of what you’re seeing when you do that, if you’re saying that doesn’t work?

@jlauer thank you for your answers. The next time I have to mill pcb-boards, I will send you screenshots …

@jlauer I did it exactly, as you describe it. But as a result, the visualization of the gcode (the paths) changes back to the gcode, that was loaded, if the level-data were taken … and it unfortunately does also mill, what the visualization shows …