I have a question about auto leveling and limit swiches,

(Kurt Schuppert) #1

I have a question about auto leveling and limit swiches, I wired all my home/limit swiches as normally closed , now I Added the auto leveling probe to xmin but it will not work unless I change all my swiches to normally open, so my question is is there a setting I can change or do I need to rewire all my home / limit swiches to normally open . I am using the tinyg

(carl j mcgrath) #2

What FW are running on tinyG?
I don’t use auto-leveling, but understood that that latest FW accommodated the use of NC switches by changing the trigger for autolevel to change of state rather than just open-closed.
BTW, 440.14 would be the most recent FW build.

Hopefully someone with Actual experience will chime in.

(Kurt Schuppert) #3

I will check when I get home, should be there in about 20 min

(Kurt Schuppert) #4

Looks like I am running 438.02, how would I update that

(Kurt Schuppert) #5

I have miss spoke i was trying to get the touch-plate to work with nurmally closed switches .

(carl j mcgrath) #6

Here is the firmware update wiiki: https://github.com/synthetos/TinyG/wiki/TinyG-Updating-Firmware
I would try the updater app first - works for many folks , not others. Be sure to terminate the SPJS application, as it will get in the way when running the tinyG FW updater.
Perhaps JohnL will stop by - I believe the latest (1.82) SPJS has downloader capability built in, but I have not seen any documentation for that yet.

If you have issues, be sure to specify what OS you are running (and using to control your download).

(carl j mcgrath) #7

Just saw your update.
Touchplate is much like auto-level. You should update anyway - some big improvements in motor power management were introduced with $fb=440.14

(Kurt Schuppert) #8

OK i download the tiny g updater and it says that it is connected to comport 6 , and when i pick the file to update the edge file it says it could not verify failed?

(Kurt Schuppert) #9

i am running window 8 64bit

(carl j mcgrath) #10

Not sure why this is happening for some folks…
Next best - go back to wiki and try the avrdude method.
Or wait for JohnL to comment on how to use SPJS 1.82.

(carl j mcgrath) #11

BTW, when I was testing the tinyG Upgrade app in a Win7 VM (I run Linux ), I found that the Updater ran OK after a third attempt. My assumption was that it was some sort of start-up issue. You might just retry Updater 2 or 3 times

(Kurt Schuppert) #12

Thank you , I will try that tonight

(Kurt Schuppert) #13

Will this delete all my settings? I have already copy ed them but just wanted to know what to expect

(carl j mcgrath) #14

For sure, when you reflash tinyG the parameter set gets reset to a compiled in default set, almost certainy not what you have. Always good to have a backup of the parameters that are working best for you.

(Kurt Schuppert) #15

That’s what I thought

(Thomas Shue) #16

Hey, can I ask what are you using the auto level feature for?

(Thomas Shue) #17

I see, it’s called auto level, but it’s the function of probing the Z axis to define zero. I was thinking you were setting up a 3d printer with a tinyG

(carl j mcgrath) #18

Auto Level is a CP feature - probes repetitively in a grid, then adjusts depth of cut (in-line Gcode modification) to “auto level”. Target appl was machining printed circuit boards, I believe, but could probably work for 3D printing as well.

(Sebastian) #19

@Thomas_Shue ​ I am using Chillipeppr Autolevel for PCB milling (GRBL workspace), works great.
My home switches are wired to normally open. I use small electrolytic capacitors to avoid faulty alarms caused by stepper motors crosstalk. Founding Z-zero is also working very nice.

(Kurt Schuppert) #20

John any help with this?