I have a problem with importing SVG files into LaserWeb 4.

I have a problem with importing SVG files into LaserWeb 4.
I used to use the trace to vector feature in LaserWeb 3, but since that is gone I converted my raster images into vector images using Potrace, but when I try to put those files into LaserWeb it freezes for 5-10 minutes.
This doesn’t happen if I use Inkscape for the conversion, but Inkscape always messes with the size/dpi of my images so it a pain to work with.
Any ideas and suggestions would be very welcome!

in inkscape under preferences you can change the dpi output for svg’s. I always set mine to 96 as per most programs but it has been known to default to 90. Also if you open the default file under inkscape/share/templates, change document size and units, etc . and re-save then your default format when opened will be what you want. hope this helps!

It sounds like Potrace is generating too many points. Does it have a setting to adjust that?

@Domm434 Your suggestion didn’t exactly help, but it lead me onto the right track. Nothing I changed in Inkscape did anything, no matter what I changed the image was still the wrong size in LaserWeb. I then realised that the only thing that affected the size at that point is changing the ppi setting in LaserWeb (and to 244 of all things). I don’t really know how to explain it, but for the original 144ppi image to be sized correctly in the end it had to be set as 244ppi in LaserWeb.

@Todd_Fleming I don’t really know, I used it as it was set up by default. Here is the list of commands you use, maybe there is something here that would lower the number of points.

did you also resize the document to match the workspace of the laser? and understandable I have had to input anywhere from 24ppi to 96ppi in LW4, just not in the last couple revs

@Domm434 Yeah, it should have matched. Oh well, it works for now so I’ll just go with it. Thanks for your input.