I have a Printrbot  Simple Maker kit. Works great.

I have a @Printrbot Simple Maker kit. Works great. But I see that the tip is slightly moving during a print when there is retraction/extraction and I feel it may impact the print quality (it’s good but maybe could be better…)

Any ideas ?

Is it just the tip or the whole hotend that’s actually wiggling around? There’s no doubt that the tip will get worn out. I had replaced my hotend, and it was like a new printer.

@Tim_Sills Doing a 9+ hours print right now. Printing at 0.1mm layers and just noticed it. Will check more once the print is done.

It might be just a matter of tightening up a few of the allen head bolts holding the assembly together.

Yeah. Also have the gear extruder that I never installed. Need to print a new part as I modified my @Printrbot with the iamjonlawrence mods.

I was having a different issue and I posted a video, someone noted that it probably wasn’t supposed to be doing that, afterwarsa I went to the assembly manual and it indicated you were supposed to tighten that until it was firm, so adjust the bolt until it is firm, I am doing my first print since that so lets see if there is a difference

Ok, I aborted my 9h print cause the quality was really bad.

Indeed my whole hot end was moving around by a few millimetres!

Tighten the 2 hallen screws and now it’s not going anywhere. Will start an other print and admire the difference !

If you haven’t started the print yet, go around and make sure everything else is solid too. You’d be surprised how many things there are to get loose, especially if you’re stressing them. (My JrV2 is partly wood, so there are also seasonal adjustments to worry about.)

I finished my print and another little “issue” I had at the beginning of the prints vanished… Go figure lol