I have a new favorite filament: Colorfabb XT.

(Nate T) #1

I have a new favorite filament: Colorfabb XT. I had never experienced PETG before, but after printing with it, I will never go back to ABS or PLA. What I’m wondering though, is whether all PETG is just as awesome or is it only Colorfabb’s XT that rocks so hard. Does anyone have a favorite PETG which isn’t from Colorfabb? If so, who makes it, and how do I get some?

(Neil Darlow) #2

There are so many varieties of PET-G out there. I use one made by Dutch Filaments and sold by 3dfilaprint in the UK under their own brand.

It’s somewhat unique because it will print between 190C and 220C and it doesn’t absorb moisture like other PET-G. It is more flexible than PLA or ABS when printed but it’s a good general purpose filament.

(Ax Smith-Laffin) #3

I found XT a pain in comparison with the likes of Extrudr PETG and ColorFabb’s own Economy PETG.

(Javier Prieto) #4

Formfutura!!! I have severalbspools of it and print final pieces, cheap pla for iterations

(Kyle Taylor) #5

http://MakerGeeks.com PETG was good for me. As with all filaments I think the magic is in your printer settings…

(Nate T) #6

@Javier_Prieto I would try Formfutura, but it looks like their filament is hard to get in the US.

@Kyle_Taylor the Makergeeks filament looks pretty good, the price it great, and I love that it’s made 100% in the US. I think I’m going to pick up a spool of theirs and a Hatchbox PETG spool to see how they compare to Colorfabb XT.