I have a MakerBot, which I LOVE...

I have a MakerBot, which I LOVE… but I am wondering how to 3D print other materials besides PLA or ABS. How can I print something rubber like those Live Strong bracelets? Can I use the MakerBot or is that a whole new process?

You can print nylon (http://www.taulman3d.com) relatively easily, and there have been posts about another springy material on here too (although it’s very expensive), and then of course there’s laywood available from a variety of places, but that’s all I know of for things that will work in makerbot style hot ends.

I think it’s a thermoplastic vs. thermoset problem: http://www.protomold.com/Design_Tips/UnitedStates/2013/2013-04_designtips/default.htm

Print a mold, fill mold with silicone. You will need to do some finishing work on the mold, but the technique is proven.
Alternative is print an object, finish object, make mold of object, make new object from mold.

Fantastic tips! Can’t wait to try them!!