I have a lot to learn with printing,

I have a lot to learn with printing, not at all pretty yet but slowly getting there. Yup, definitely need to slow printing down, I believe I have some imperfections on some parts, it could be the bearing mounts for the rods a bit loose, bearing just fall off when assembling the gantry and I can rattle it a bit, will shoe goop the bearings in so there is no play. On this video of the Iphone amp stand , I can see I have quite a bit of miss extrusions and a fair bit of spider webbing. I will try .03 layer instead of .5 and maybe some extrude retract setting.

What is your hotend nozzle diameter? .5 is a VERY large layer height, you should be able to do .2 easily with most hot ends.

I am using the Volcano’s .6 nozzle and with that print was set at .5 layer and I have recently tried .3 with much better result.

I am pretty happy with printing in PLA and I cant say so much for ABS till I get it enclosed with a heated bed. I can only strain myself a short while holding the heat gun with ABS and I am pretty much guessing the temperature