I have a Kinect I'd like to use for 3d-scanning along the lines of

I have a Kinect I’d like to use for 3d-scanning along the lines of Reconstructme.net, but I don’t have any Windows machines and would prefer to use open-source software anyway.

Any suggestions?

No suggestions, but once you get thing up and running I’d be very very interested in the results :slight_smile:

Yeah there seems to be several windows-only options but the only open source stuff I’ve found so far is some very old code from a Makerbotter…

Yes, find a non-Windows solution for us!

Imma onit :slight_smile:

https://github.com/chrisdone/freenect have you tried this?

I haven’t @Tripp_Hill but I’ll take a look, thanks!

Spent 3 hours tonight trying to get the ReconMe working with my laptop… Seems the graphics card is processing most of the imaging, hence, no go. More research is now needed for my setup…