I have a friend who wants to weave fiber optics into her hair for

I have a friend who wants to weave fiber optics into her hair for burning man. Does anyone have pointers to decent wearable fiber optics where the led could be detached (so she could take a shower)? Extra points if the led is programmable.

I would look for those cheap fiber optic lamps and flashlights that they have at most dollar stores. They’re super cheap and quite durable since they use plastic fibers. Plus they already have the connection you’re looking for.
Although you could also use sealed, outdoor type LEDS and a sealed controller and not worry about moisture.

Most of those seem to be all in one. I’d like something where the fiber optics and the led can be separated from each other.

@Hunter_King I’ve seen plenty that are separate. Keep looking.

I’ve never seen a separating one in store either…look into the Lilypad website. I remember they had a lot of info about wearables that could be thrown in the wash as long as you detached the controller and battery. Something like the gemma or trinket and a little 150mah lipoly would be really tiny and easy to hide in hair. Detaching the fiber optics from the led(s) would be harder. Now that I think about it, she’s gonna need a lot of fiber optics at various lengths woven into her hair to make any real interesting impact. And they’re pretty stiff. Why not just do those little fairy lights?