I have a delta running marlin. Any ideas as to what's causing the blobs.

(kenneth rooks) #1

I have a delta running marlin. Any ideas as to what’s causing the blobs. I think its a setting that’s causing the printer to pause periodically but I’m not sure which one that is.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #2

What slicer? The slicers may either pause or slow down to ensure that current layer cools before starting the next layer.

(kenneth rooks) #3


(kenneth rooks) #4

Good theory I’ll test it

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #5

Another reason for such blobs is moisture in the filament. The filament would essentially expand after leaving the nozzle. If you hear popping or hissing noises when the printing is going on, you may have the temperature too high and/or there is moisture in the filament.

(kenneth rooks) #6

Naw no hissing or piping I keep my stuff pretty dry. I’m hooking op a fan to the hot end so I can cool the print and disable that setting for a test

(Mike Miller) #7

Lemmie know what you find. Mine does it, too.

(Peter L) #8

I had similar and took the temp down 5 deg and cleared mine up

(kenneth rooks) #9

Thanks that solved my issue

(kenneth rooks) #10

well i though that solved it, most of them went away. i’ll try a temp bump down and see if that takes care of the rest

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #11

Don’t be surprised if getting rid of the little blobs results in the inability to bridge properly. I am not saying it is guaranteed, but there is a chance of that result.

(David Martin) #12

Are you using an LCD? If so which model and with what electronics?

(kenneth rooks) #13

I am using an LCD, and I love it. I’m using ramps 1.4 electronics with a. 12864 LCD model. Got a good deal on ebay

(David Martin) #14

Is that one of the graphic LCDs? If so then it may be contributing to the issue. Try lowering delta segments per second or disabling the LCD. I’ve heard repetier works better with the glcd but have not tried this yet.

(kenneth rooks) #15

it is a graphic lcd, but i’m pretty sure it was not the issue . everything seems to be printing fine now.

(David Martin) #16

Ah, fine. I hadn’t realised you’d fixed it fully. I’d be curious to know if you notice a difference with the LCD disabled in FW, I know I did.

(kenneth rooks) #17

I’ll try it and let u know but I also use the LCD for SD card printing

(David Martin) #18

If you disable the LCD the SD still works. Not the e-stop button though, so bear that in mind