I have a custom rotary engraver that I designed and built.

I have a custom rotary engraver that I designed and built. I am on my second major overhaul from a roller design to a chuck design. After weeks of reprinting and redesigning I noticed a major issue followed.

The redesign was due to 'Skipping" when the tumbler cup sat on the rollers, sometimes gravity wasn’t enough to keep it in place. Well I discovered today, that some “skipping” wasn’t solely design/gravity related.

There are portions of travel (G0) movments between laser sections getting ignored in the A-Axis. Thus when the laser restarts it is out of position. I dove into the gcode and everything looks normal.

; Pass 0 Path 692
G0 X14.85 A19.75
G1 X15.00 A19.75 S0.45 F1000.00

; Pass 0 Path 693
G0 X15.00 A19.81
G1 X14.94 A19.81 S0.45 F1000.00

; Pass 0 Path 694
G0 X15.00 A9.84
G1 X0.13 A9.84 S0.45 F1000.00

; Pass 0 Path 695
G0 X0.21 A9.78
G1 X15.00 A9.78 S0.45 F1000.00

I am running smoothieware on an MKS SBASE.
Using Laser Fill Path
This issue was repeatable over 2 prints, with Gcode regenerated.
I had a different Gcode with a different object (with movements) that printed without issue.

Also, a feature that would be nice (and fix this issue) would be forcing the Gcode to generate along the A-Axis in one movement direction for the entire print. One continuous A-axis movement without any backtracking/movement only travels.

Only thought I have is it is a Smoothie issue, might try GRBL even though I am comfortable with smoothie.