I have a crawlbot with a tinyG board.

I have a crawlbot with a tinyG board. Chilipeppr runs the gCode fine but the touch plate and super touch plate move the Z-axis up instead of down. I have made sure that the machine coordinate system is zeroed. The machine has an end stop on top of the z-axis. I don’t see how this could be the problem considering that it runs gCode fine.

This happens when you start probing when Z value is negative. I don’t know why!

Thank you for responding. It also happens when Z is 0 and positive.

I saw the same thing in my abortive experiments with g2core.

Seems that the development on this facet is not very mature.

If Ameen is right perhaps make sure that both work and machine coords in the z axis are positive. For sure my work coords were always positive but I didn’t think to check the machine coordinates.

Either way it is evidently a bug. Perhaps take a look at the gcode source and see whether you can fix it. It is likely to be fairly obvious.

I think also tinyg may measure z values in probing after it backs off from a pin change event. Worth checking as this seems a flawed design choice too.

@Justin_Adie actually g2core runs in shopbot as well and othermill cnc mills. The code is pretty mature. However bugs do arise. Is there an issue open on this? I am going to loop in @Alden_Hart and @Rob_Giseburt to see if they can shed some light on this issue.

@Riley_Porter_ril3y ​. No idea whether someone has opened an issue. I tried g2core for two days and faced too many challenges to warrant my time to overcome. I was willing to believe it was me not understanding how g2core worked so didn’t post any issues. I am not using g2core any more and no longer actively milling. I remain involved in this group only to continue and polish up some work on grbl.

When I saw someone else with the same ux that I saw and that Ameen pointed out a seemingly known limitation of g2core that did appear to suggest that it was more a failure of g2core than pilot error.

My comment about maturity was aimed at this facet - probing. I have no experience of g2core beyond that on which to comment.