I have a color problem with NeoPixel rings (not really a FastLED problem...):

(Gottfried Mayer) #1

I have a color problem with NeoPixel rings (not really a FastLED problem…):
My LED goggles project that was stored in a drawer for a year now has a problem displaying the color red on some of the LEDs (WS2812b) (see pictures and here http://youtu.be/LYykXOOvjww )
I noticed that the solder joints are dirty with playa dust, but since LEDs further down the (data) line seem to be working perfectly I suspect it is not a data/power issue.

Did anyone experience the same - or similar - problem with your LED projects? How did you fix it? Does re-soldering all the joints help or do I have to replace the non-working LEDs?


(Herb Smith) #2

I would first clean the alkaline playa off the ring by brushing thoroughly with the following solution (you might even try immersion and brushing-those LEDs should be hermetically sealed, or at least were when originally manufactured but Playa may have changed that.

The best ‘stuff’ we have found for cleaning playa off is Calgon Water Softener beads, mixed with vinegar and water. I don’t remember the exact proportions. NOTE: I have never used this solution on electronics and is probably corrosive by itself.

Follow up with Isopropyl alcohol and distilled water mix for final cleaning. You want to get the Calgon-Vinegar cleaning solution off. Isopropyl mix by itself won’t cut the playa.

Then I would resolder and replace LEDs as necessary. Perhaps getting new LED rings from Adafruit would be prudent.

(Daniel Garcia) #3

It may not just be the joints, something may have gotten damaged in the circuitry of the led itself (e.g. a line to the red emitter being cut)