I have a collaboration workflow question.

I have a collaboration workflow question.

What is the best way to submit proposed fixes? I have a small (in terms of number of lines changed) but important fix to dchote’s widget-3dviewer. The code of mine that he merged had a flaw that broke the inch/mm detection.

In normal github workflow, one would issue a pull request, but the autogenerated stuff adds a wrinkle. The minimal patch affects only widget.js, but then that propagates into auto-generated-widget.html, so a pull request has extraneous stuff.

Should I just issue the pull and let the recipient sort it out, or send a minimal patch, or what?

Fire off a pull request and I’ll merge once I’m at a computer. I’m on vacation this week, so my computer access is limited. I’ll merge and autogenerate and then push.

Have +Daniel Chote’s changes to the 3D viewer been merged back into the main CP branch?

@Justin_Adie I don’t think so. I made my way though fixing plugins that import it. But there are some lingering bugs that need to be resolved.

I think the best approach is to merge Mitch’s changes into the current production 3d viewer because I’m worried that if we deployed Daniel’s right now we would break a lot of other items and people would really get their workflow messed with.

I just submitted a pull request against the production 3dviewer. I tried to make the patch as clean as possible so it will be easier to inspect.

Ok. I will try the merge soon. I love Daniels changes too so will keep trying to test those.