I have a Chinese 30/40 cnc router.

I have a Chinese 30/40 cnc router. I Set It Up with tinyG so I could use with my laptop.
I have a flat logo I created with ink scape. I would like to hire someone to generate the g code for this logo so I can use chilipeppr to cut on my router.
The logo will be on .040 thick aluminium sheet. It would have some engraving and cut out the perimeter of the logo.
If someone would be interested in doing this for me I would be happy to pay someone for their services. Please contact me at jerryragon@gmail.com or 423-802-9804

Why not save yourself some money and try jscut? http://jscut.org/ It will generate toolpaths directly from an SVG file.

I am a novice and currently learning.
I am needing it pretty quick.
I’m willing to pay someone.