I have a 300x300x6 mm piece of borosilicate?

I have a 300x300x6 mm piece of borosilicate? glass from a broken bathroom scale that I am thinking of using as a print surface/bed.
It’s quite heavy, is that something I should be concerned about?
I’m not sure how flat it is, any ideas for a good way to find out?

What type of printer is the bed the z? if so you’ll be fine. If it is the y you will lose acceleration and speed potential as well as possibly have driver and stepper heat/current issues

As to flatness lady a straight edge on it on its’ side at several angles look for a gap. Window glass after getting hot will flatten out to the surface it is on

@D_Rob This will be for an ingentis/eustatihos-style printer, which is why I am even considering it at all :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tip about straightness, I guess the “several angles” part is pretty important.
I’m pretty sure this borosilicate as it is really tough, is this “melting” effect really that significant though?

@Oystein_Krog on window glass it is. when I take a pane off hot is takes a convex shape. if I put it on after cooling that way I have to heat it to completely before clipping it back down or it will shatter.

Wow, I had no idea. I guess the same effect may apply for boro glass then. That’s good in a way I guess:P

+Øystein Krog deffinitel. window glass after proper heating for abs levels out my slightly unlevel alu bed

All the the kids are using inductive sensors for z probes. With that stuff being 6mm on aluminum plate you’ll probably not be able to do this