I have 4 of these LED panels,

I have 4 of these LED panels, I can run them in a 16x64 configuration but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get these coded and wired up to be 32x32 square.

I can post pics of the back of the panels if need be there is a pic on the product page, but I can link a larger image.

So, the question is how do I need to wire this? and I might need some code examples because I can’t get the FastLED examples to run 32x32.

Teensy 3.2, two 5v 10A


Have you see @Garrett_Mace 's XY map generator? Maybe you can map it how you’d like if you can’t change the wiring.

Whoa! Okay, that’s a great starting point. I’m taking a look now. Thank you @marmil You have helped me before and you’re doin’ it again :smiley:

@nwestwind - Check out page 50 of the Adafruit neopixel-uberguide PDF file. This shows how to tile matrixes and it might be helpful to you. It can be found at:

Also, use the Search Community box on this page with the search terms - tile matrix. There is a great post in the search results.

Thank you @Ken_White and @marmil I did get the table to work but it still only worked the best with 16x64 layout. I need to figure out and understand how to wire it correctly so that it understands how the panels and LEDS are laid out. Again, I’m super new at this so I appreciate your guidance. AND if it wasn’t for @Garrett_Mace badass RGB glasses I would not be here. I have SO many LEDs now. I dove in and discovered the rabbit hole is far deeper than I expected.

@nwestwind If you want to go a bit deeper into mapping http://www.elec-tron.org/?page_id=1351 i wrote this a while back as a primer to generic LED mapping

How should I wire the data lines? Should they get connected together for one line to the teensy or one pin out of the teensy for each panel’s data cable? so that’s 4 panels of 16x16 and I tried the XYmap and it works but still can’t do 32x32. Thanks for all your help.

I would probably stick with a single data line to start with to keep it simpler.

If each panel was 2x2 for example, your XYTable might looks something like this, assuming a Serpentine layout and data going out of panel #1 across to #2, then back down to #3, and finally across to panel #4.

const uint8_t XYTable[] = {
0, 1, 4, 5,
3, 2, 7, 6,
8, 9,12,13,

How are your panels wired (Serpentine or Zig-zag) and which corner is the starting position on each? Have a sketch?

If you want share your code please post it to http://gist.github.com and provide a link here.

Sorry for the long delay, I broke my wrist and had surgery on it so I’ve been down for the count these last few weeks. @marmil and @Leon_Yuhanov and @Ken_White

Anyway, here’s my github: https://github.com/nwestwind/ledpanel

I have been playing with this code. I think I came to the conclusion that 4x4 grid would be amazing, but power becomes a huge issue. I have the panel/matrix 32x16 as seen in the github and the 5v 10A with teensy 3.2

The LED mapping is serpentine bottom left corner is 0 going up to 15 over right 16 down 31 etc.

So, using Garrett’ https://macetech.github.io/FastLED-XY-Map-Generator/s XY Map settings are:

Width 32
height 16

and this works. But haven’t touched adding the other panels. I was looking at this next because the sample matrix grid looks just like the matrix I have.


Uploading to youtube now too

I would love to change patterns remotely via wifi or bluetooth not sure where to start with that.