I have 3 teensy with 8 led strips(50-125leds each).

I have 3 teensy with 8 led strips(50-125leds each). My goal is to control them all using one bluetooth connection, even if all the teensys do the same thing.

My theory is that I can replay/echo the serial from the 1st teensy to the others using the tx/rx pins.

Do I need a 4th control teensy/Rpi maybe?
If I echo the commands (if i get it working), I may prefix some of the serial commands with the specific teensy to allow for individual teensy control.

I’ve got a 4 day weekend coming up where I plan to dive in deep. But if anyone has any suggestions on a better method or know if any of this will not work right off the bat, I’d appreciate a heads up.

Serial is not going to work in a “one to many” configuration. The handshaking won’t work. They would all receive and all try send their ACKs back to the master. There is no distinction between them. You need I2C for that.

Each node will have a unique ID allowing the master to communicate with each one separately. I’ve done that several times, one master controller whose task is to listen for commands (be it BT, RF, or coming from a computer), and then relay specific commands to all the nodes connected.

You can use one of the three to be the master, but if you have a fourth, it makes it easier to deal with. The three will do one thing only, control the strings, while the fourth one does one thing only as well, listen for external commands and relay information to the others, one at a time.

thanks! saved me from many hours of banging my head against a wall.