I had to repack a ballscrew after the machinist removed it,

I had to repack a ballscrew after the machinist removed it, lost some of the balls and couldn’t replace it…Not a fun/easy activity! Actually ordered another ballscrew nut to replace the old one, but ended up just using the ballbearing balls to replace the missing ones on old nut. Future advice: don’t get parts machined…the cost to have this machined was more than I paid for the part itself…by double! And it still left me having to repair the nut!

I completely agree with that. Spend extra and get it right the first time, I had the same ordeal happen. I ordered a new short ball screw with the nut on. Also a mistake, because I lost some balls, and replaced them with the new one. Not even sure I got enough in, but it still worked fine…

Great progress by the way!

@Mark_Leino Thanks. Finally getting to the backend of the frame building. Then comes the electronics, wiring/over current protection and setting up the control box. I’ve built an Ox before, but I didn’t have a VFD, external drivers, the type of spindle I have for this one (which is also water-cooled). I also didn’t set up the limit switches. I have a different controller for this CNC, which is a Mach 3 system (smooth stepper). So, I still have a lot ahead.

I “machined” my lead screws myself. I made some bearing blocks for them and clamped that to my workbench. I had a pulley on the lead screw that I turned with a belt on a motor, then I ground the end with an angle grinder while the lead screw spun. Good enough. http://i.imgur.com/j36Ocil.jpg

My ebay supplier did mine to my drawings for no charge :grinning: they came with a plastic sleeve that you slide over the end then you can wind the nut out and it holds the balls. I put a cable tie through the whole lot so it can’t slide out.

@Paul_Shaw I would have liked to use that sleeve. I saw on a YouTube example someone showing that to repack theirs. I didn’t have that, so I kept having to repeat until I learned how to do it. I intend on keeping them on as long as possible in the future.

Yeah it looks like a piece of polyethylene pipe that you use for garden irrigation nothing fancy just the right size.

I think you should name this “Kitchen Table OX” but at some point you’ve changed so much it’s not an OX anymore.

Not an Ox, but in some areas as stubborn as one.

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