I had some time yesterday to redo my Neopixel matrix setup.

I had some time yesterday to redo my Neopixel matrix setup. Before, it was an uneven, poorly spaced, and just ugly. Now, with it’s even spaced pixels and copper bus rails against the wood grain, it looks fantastic!

Here was the original one: https://plus.google.com/105445034001275025240/posts/WKJreDSVMWp

Very clean build!

Are you using copper tape as the power bus?

Noice. Loving the copper tape as power bus.

@Greg_Heinz Yes, I am. I only get a .2v drop in power average and .4 on full white. I really like this stuff, because it’s easy to use, solder to, and can carry a surprising amount of current.

A video of this matrix in action before the update: https://youtu.be/EsZ_Lo_MsJo

Very cool. I might steal that copper tape power bus idea!

I will point out though, that it looks like your soldering needs more heat and less solder :slight_smile:

@Luminous_Elements I’m a welder by trade. I’m a little heavy with the tin from time to time. As far as heat, its a Weller non-adjustable kind. The solder was bubbling as applied and I’m getting a really glossy finish (which means it’s not a cold-solder joint).

True. It’s far from the worst I’ve seen – I’ve committed some real atrocities with the soldering iron. Once the solder is flowing into the gaps between metals, you’re about done. You’ll know if the temperature is right if the capillary effect is doing most of your work for you.