I had an adventure Calibrating my Extruder last night.

I had an adventure Calibrating my Extruder last night. 3d Printing is super complicated, but I am learning!

One of the demands of 3DP is the need to have so many disparate skills to apply to the job that one person will rarely (never?) master them all, on the other hand there is a wide community of special skilled people to help you in a cooperative and collaborative way, and the GInternet is a great place to meet.

@Brad_Koehn I often hear the comparison between a 2D LJP and 3DP. I feel that the extra dimension offers much more than just one.

I understand that IJP is now used at home and small office to provide simple colour printing. for photo reproduction most people have returned to a bureau such as SnappySnaps (in the UK).and bigger offices use a colour laserjet.

Adrian Bowyer predicts a 3DP in every home as you suggest, maybe by that time it will be just another professional tool too!

@Brad_Koehn I think there is a place in every home for a 3d printer, but unfortunately for many I think that place is right next to the bread machine they never used after the first week.

Thanks for the encouragement, I am a little overwhelmed, but the documentation is not too bad and I am just slogging through it.

@Dave_M1 You may find some of our group builders comments helpful, most are building printers for the first time, themselves. Follow the chat links at http://tvrrug.org.uk