I had a chance to try out the Easel Web UI by Inventables today.

I had a chance to try out the Easel Web UI by Inventables today. It’s a simpler version of Chilipeppr and JSCut mashed together. The app does quite a few things right. The performance of visualization is not as good as chilipeppr (weird) but overall the app is a very good competing product.

I have some notes of my initial impression of the product in the image plus the following

The local sender only work with Windows and Mac. This is very bad. In this day and age, it is horrible not to use the available cross-platform technologies.

The material setting preset is fantastic. I think it is much better than JSCut for beginners.

Selection on the top view works quite well. Similar to JSCut but I don’t have to hunt for the tiny outline.

One of the things you can do is generate your gcode in easel and then import to chilipeppr. I agree easel has some nice stuff.

I have high hope for JSCut. I am sure @Todd_Flaming would be able to improve the UI components of his app. His app supports more SVG functionalities though. It just need the presets per user.

On the chilipeppr side, I think we should add a button for user to report issues. It can just be a link to Chilipeppr Github project.

Totally agree. There’s even features I want to request/document and that button could help me log all the stuff I want to get on the roadmap.