I guess I won't have the time to try this Titan Aero thing out

I guess I won’t have the time to try this Titan Aero thing out quickly but I was nosey if it could work so I fired up Fusion360 quickly this morning and gave it a quick sit.

Looks like it could work to put the motor above the lower rod but only barely enough. I need to check if I could get the bed up high enough. Also everything is quite tight. I also wanted to give the BLTouch Sensor a test on this so this would need some room. Will definitely kill some x/y movement compared to my last carriage but definitely win some mm in Z.

I merged both in the last picture to give some impression of size. Of course the cooling fans are missing on both.

Are you running igus bearings to?

yes, guess the same that you have (ECLM 08)

close, I got the ECLM-10. I really like them. but you need to get the hole just the right size.

Nice. I didn’t think it would be long enough.

@Markus_Granberg sure but thats not so different with the alternatives on that printer :slight_smile: At least they align quite well. Didn’t know you are using 10mm rods.

@Eclsnowman yeah but definitely thinking about using the standard Titan + E3Dv6 as it would need quite some modification to get the bed up that far. Also there would be more room for a fan and the BLtouch then.

Yeah fitting in a compact part cooling solution would be tricky in that short space.

I would recommend against using a BLTouch. ever. its repeatability is TERRIBLE and you will be left tearing your hair out.

every home leaves you with a different offset because of this.

that titan aero looks neat tho.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to find out. I’m currently probing with an IR-Sensor that is a) sensible against external light and b) sensible to mechanical influence (IR diodes are easily moved out of place). Regarding BL Touch I read some problems but also had people that are quite happy with it. I think I’ll give it a test and see what’s in there in terms of repeatability.

Mine on the best day gave 0.02. On a herculien using ballscrews

If you find anything out would love to know

which sensor did give you better repeatability than 0.02? If it’s not reliably that’s a problem of course but 0.02 would be something I could live with.

Bltouch it bounced between 0.07 and 0.02

Which can amount to terrible layering between prints

@Helmi is the Titan/aero model available somewhere? I’d like to do some modeling with it and see what I can come up with.

@Jim_Stone was yours an official BLTouch, I have read that the AliExpress ones are junk for repeatability, but had heard the official BL touch is OK.

Then again I have printers with bed compensation. But never use it. I have found a sturdy frame, and a good initial mechanical Tram is all I need. I never have first layer issues on any of my printers.

I just run a 0.3mm first layer at 50% speed regardless of layer height of the rest of the print.

@Eclsnowman yes sir it is an authentic one. Paris even sent a new roll pin to try and solve the problem. It didnt

@jerryflyguy there are different ones available though no official one (they have technical drawings on their site). I found mine through yeggi (http://www.yeggi.com/q/titan+aero/)


@Helmi thanks! I’ll check it out

@Helmi You got the link to your current v6 carriage? I was thinking to convert to chimera. May be better to start from scratch though…