I got some nice Lug style thermistors, got them connected up,

I got some nice Lug style thermistors, got them connected up, and roughly reading right using B Value, and R0. The datasheet says it can do .001 of a degree in accuracy with steinhart/hart, but the datasheet is rather fun on the polynomial, and then on top of that getting it into smoothie compatible values. Anyone have some mojo on how to do this.

Im using this one:

I used the calculator here: http://www.thinksrs.com/downloads/programs/Therm%20Calc/NTCCalibrator/NTCcalculator.htm

SInce we know the resistance at 25C (R@25=10000) and are given the values for R@25/R@50 and R@25/R@85 in the data sheet:

R@50= 10000/2.771 = 3608.8
R@85= 10000/9.271 = 1078.6

Plugging these into the calculator at the above link give A, B and C values of:

A = 0.001110398075
B = 0.0002370571727
C = 0.00000007710205145

To configure smoothieware for this, first comment out any temperature control definitions you are currently using (beta value, and R0) and replace with the following (on a single line):

temperature_control.hotend.coefficients 0.001110398075,0.0002370571727,0.00000007710205145

That is assuming you are using a single hotend with the default settings.

My hero thanks man