I got one question about the eagle widget.

I got one question about the eagle widget.
We got the following scenario:
PCB with traces surrounded by a GND plane.
What all PCB to GCode (pcb2gcode ULP in eagle, pcb2gcode [gerber to gcode], …) tools do is the following:
They are placing milling paths for the traces and seperate milling paths for the surrounding GND plane. Event if the isolate width is so small, that the traces are being isolated anyway.
So… would it be possible to optimize the GCode via Chilipeppr in a way, that such doubled traces are detected and filtered out?

To anyone who is also interested in this topic:
There are two tools that can handle the problem:

  1. Payed version of PCB2Gcode-Wizard (costs $18) but is very restrictive with the gcode files

  2. Flatcam can import gerber files. One can manually delete the geometry. To handle this topic you just delete the surrounding path before generating gcode.

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