I got new k40 40w second gen ,what that mean dont have clue

i got new k40 40w second gen ,what that mean dont have clue
i read a loot what i can get from it (like i will need to make new bed and air assist)
and i see what ppl do with so called dsp upgrades from c or l boards ,but these are usa side and to get them to europe price will got from 200$ to 300$ easy
so what are chepper alternatives for board upgrades ?
i read u guys use audrino mega and grbl but these are 8bit
will these be too slow for raster engraving ?
i dont have clue so i just ask
well i’m preparing so when k40 came to know what to do
if i cant engrave images to object like i want

There are ARM boards that can run GRBL and other firmware. Just have a look at the firmware you want what they support.

Take a look at the miniGerbil from Awesome.tech It is $79.00 with free delivery worldwide. It is a drop in replacement board, takes about 15 minutes to install it. It is a 32bit board and runs Grbl. You can use LaserWeb with it.

The $200 Cohesion3D board that you might be referring to is also available from k40laser.se in Europe. http://k40laser.se

Grbl was also ported to ESP32 and there is a ESP32 CNC shield for the NodeMCU-32S. See https://github.com/bdring/Grbl_Esp32 for details.

@cprezzi looks like a nice solution.