I got mail today.

(Marc MERLIN) #1

I got mail today. Cool business card, I should have one like that :slight_smile:

(Jason Coon) #2

I debated for so long what to put as my “title”, lol. Everything make it in good condition? Definitely let me know if you have any issues, questions, feedback, etc. Thanks!

(Marc MERLIN) #3

@Jason_Coon haven’t had time to put it together but the parts looked fine, thanks. I’m sure it’ll be fine, the hard part is doing the PCB and getting it printed, which you’ve already done.
As for your title, I have a local store here that is similar but not identical https://goo.gl/maps/y57778Y5Q5P2

(Jason Coon) #4

@Marc_MERLIN cool, glad to hear it. Yeah, I’m definitely familiar with the great people at Evil Mad Scientist. Also with Maniacal Labs. There are lots of us crazy, evil, science people around, apparently. :laughing:

(Marc Miller) #5

That seems like a most excellent title @Jason_Coon :smiley: