I got everything electrical mounted.

I got everything electrical mounted. What size wiring should I use? Is there a picture or diagram with everything hooked up that I can use for reference?

Wire size is a function of current components will use and length of the run. So what bed wattage did you go with. For the steppers using similar to what you have on the current robotdigg wire leads will work fine. The hotend should be 40watt.

There are several wire size calculators online. Here are a few:


For the steppers you can also get 4 conductor shielded cables (beldin makes good stuff). Bring the shield wiring back to ground (at just one end, and bring them all together in one place to avoid ground looping.) This shielding helps avoid crosstalk and noise from the steppers.

Fore wire management I like those sticky squares that you can ziptie to. Keeps things clean. Avoid AC mains running parallel to DC wiring if you can help it, and if you need to cross them over do it at 90degree angles.

Are you talking about the wiring going from the Azteeg X5 Mini to the stepper motors? Will these leads work that I got from robotdigg?

I did get the 500W heated bed.

I’m mainly concerned about getting the wiring going from the outlet switch to the Relay and Meanwell power supply. If there is a diagram, that would be awesome!!!

The switch has switched and non-switched contacts available. You can tell by using a multi-meter with a continuity test what is what and what goes where as far as the switch goes.

This is for Herculien but the SSR connects the same way: http://i.imgur.com/nmrUim8.png

120V power from the switch/plug in your picture flows through the load side of the SSR, into the bed, out of the bed then back to neutral. The normal bed output on the board connects into the SSR inputs and acts to signal the SSR load contact to open and close.

@bcrazycramer ​ when you are all done can you take some finished pics. This so perfectly matches the model it would be great work the github.

I think with the X3 wiring diagram, I can manage to get this wired. I will take some pictures once I get it wired and know it works. :slight_smile:

@bcrazycramer thanks man.

@Eclsnowman You bet man!!

@bcrazycramer I’ll send you a link when I get home (about midnight PST). I have a link that will help with the power switch to PSU. I’m still trying to figure out the rest. Especially the Vicki 2.0 LCD screen. Others seem to get it on the fly, I keep scratching my head. ugh…

I used these instructions to wire up the powerswitch