I got an interesting issue.

I got an interesting issue. I have a flashforge creator and just today it started to extrude super thick .4 nozzle extruding 1mm. I thought hey maybe the nozzle wore out some how nope, or maybe I have some bad filament nope. Anyone know what would cause this

Filament diameter is way off maybe? Depending on the hardness of the filament it can increase the effective diameter of your drive gear.

I too would check filament diameter setting is way off. I suspect it isn’t but it’s so easy to check. Maybe a microstep jumper got loose?

Tried 3 different filaments and both extruders/hotend

Someone probably M502’d it and reset the factory settings or something silly like that then.

@ThantiK I’m the only user. What can I do to get it back to normal

@Derek_Schuetz ​​, I’m afraid to actually tell you to do anything. Still not exactly sure what’s going on. Try an M503 and check that the settings look right.

You might also check the slicer for a stupidly high extrusion multiplier. It might not be the printer at fault.

A flashforge should be running some form of sailfish, which means that everything is provided to the firmware in units of steps. It doesn’t have on-machine settings for steps/mm. All of that is done in the conversion to x3g. What software are you using to generate that?

Should also note that if you’re measuring extrusion into air, die swell will make that larger than the diameter of the nozzle’s orifice, especially if you are extruding at a particularly high speed or low temperature. The volume in still equals volume out, but die swell will cause the extrusion to shrink axially as it expands radially.

@Whosa_whatsis I’ve been using the same printer file for the last 2 months. I first noticed the difference in die swell during loading of filament. Die swell shouldn’t be 4x the nozzle diameter though.

How are you measuring this 1mm extrusion? If it’s on the build plate, then all that happened is that your nozzle is closer to the bed than it used to be.

@Mark_Walker no extruding in the air. So I just removed both nozzles. (I only use one) and the holes are seem way bigger then .4mm some how. So I think I have a gnome drilling out my nozzle I printed glow filament but that shouldnt affect both nozzles

@Derek_Schuetz if you printed glow filament that’s why!!!

Glow filament is practically just as abrasive as printing with Carbon Fiber filled filament in some instances. Replace your nozzles.

@ThantiK but the strange part is both nozzle did this and I never used the other nozzle

Hmmmmm…I’m stumped.

If/when you DO manage to find out – PLEASE be sure to tell us what it ends up being.

Glow filament can be even more abrasive than CF-filled, but that shouldn’t affect the other nozzle unless it ground the tip down that far, which would be obvious.