i got a lattepanda for my machine.

i got a lattepanda for my machine. i just powered up this bad boy and it’s fast as hell. i use a surface pro 1 for my cad, cam, and sending right now and this thing is much much faster than my surface pro. i just installed google chrome in like 35~40 seconds. now i have a dedicated computer i can attach directly to my machine. im pretty pumped on it so far. i will get a larger touch screen for it in the future too. this little screen is actually for a work project.

Never heard of a lattepanda. How much does it cost?

I bought it before it was released for about 100 bucks(might be 120 something now) with a license for win 10 pre installed. It has a arduino onboard also that runs parallel with it so you can program it right onboard. It’s no different from my surface pro only it’s faster with more ports and an arduino.

I’m pretty blown away, it’s the base model one too. I will probably get the rot rod one once it’s out too just for running viacad and cambam