I found these LPD8806 strips, and I'm very tempted.

I found these LPD8806 strips, and I’m very tempted. The seller has very good feedback, they are shipped free from the US via First Class Mail, and they are pretty high density (52 LEDs / meter). What do you guys think? Any reason I shouldn’t buy these?

That’s about twice as what the same type runs from aliexpress. Unless you are in a hurry I would order aliexpress so you can get more lights for your $$

I pay $8.50 for 48px/m from Alibaba.

I own 20m of these and they’re pretty good. I didn’t get them from this vendor because for 20m it was worth it to order from China directly, but I’ve dealt with Insomnia Lighting before and they’re good to deal with.

I had one problem where a too-acute bend in the 52px/m LPD8806 strip (probably my bad, but I’m not absolutely positive) led to two dysfunctional pixels. I cut them out and rejoined the strip with solder etc and it works fine.

I was partly wondering if it might be a case of “you get what you pay for”, but it sounds like the ones direct from China are just as good. I’ve never used Ali Express, but I see there are lots of people selling these. Now to find a good seller… Thanks for the comments!

Often the US suppliers are buying in bulk from the China suppliers, and reselling the very same goods in smaller quantity at a markup. If you need a less-than-bulk quantity, it’s often worth the markup. Invisible hand and all that.

For my project I wanted a decent quantity (a thousand pixels plus) of the fastest LEDs I could find, with the highest pixel density I could get. The LPD8806 can be updated super fast, and these 52px/m were the densest LPD8806 I could find.

If all goes well, I’ll light them up, all thirty amps (at 5v) of them!, next weekend. I tell ya, once you’ve got the Pixels and the Program, it’s all about the Power…

I’m going to start with 20A @ 5v and see if that’s sufficient, but I’ve got another 10A @ 5v power upgrade ready if needed. Whew.

I’m looking at the LPD8806 mainly because of the note on the FastLED wiki regarding the speed. I’m already pretty happy with my P9813 LEDs (although the ones I bought are expensive) and they are 15Mhz vs. 22Mhz for the LPD8806.

I currently have 600 LEDs in my matrix and that peaks at about 37A for all white. I have two 30A power supplies sharing the load right now.

I also have a desire to build a project with a large quantity and high density. Now my biggest question is when I will run out of CPU power with the Teensy 3.1. My current project was running 500 LEDs and I was seeing 468fps. Last night, I upped it to 600 LEDs. If performance was linear, I should have been seeing 390fps, but I was actually seeeing 325fps.

I don’t know what most people consider a minimum acceptable frame rate. It looks like I still have quite a bit of capacity left, although I did wonder if my end goal of ~ 1300 LEDs might be too much for the Teensy. What are you using for the controller on your current project?

I bought a few strips from him in the past. It was a good experience. I just wanted to try out a few different types of strips. So this was good for small mixed quantities and very quick delivery. After I decided which strips I liked the best, I bulk ordered the rest direct from GreeLED.

@Ashley_M_Kirchner_No I have wondered about ordering directly from Alibaba instead of Aliexpress. I don’t see quoted shipping costs on Alibaba and that leads me to wonder if there are significant differences in shipping costs?

That’s where communication with the vendor comes into play Michael. I always contact the vendor first, verify the product, get accurate pricing and shipping. Most will ship cheap with China Post (20-30 days) or $25-$30 for FedEx/DHL/UPS. For the large quantities that I tend to order, the $30 shipping still ends up cheaper than buying it locally or from aliexpress.