i found out that I have grbl 8.0 in this little laser engraver.

i found out that I have grbl 8.0 in this little laser engraver. This is day one of assembling the kit that would lead to severe CNC addiction. I later modified this little beauty it is amazing what it does for how cheap it is. Later I enclosed the wiring and bare circuit boards and added a laserproof backplane for around $25 USD.

Which kit is this? Cost?

It looks like the same 500mW Laser Engraver I got from DealExtreme.


It isn’t a bad little laser engraver. The 500mW is fine for cutting paper, or engraving wood. I’ve engraved logos on wooden pencils, cut vinyl and paper logos out.

Put that thing in an eclosure. A stray reflection could harm someone outside that window.



I have one of these. I’d be curious to see how it works for you and what your mods are like.

@Daniel_Joyce YES it has a matt black 3 mm steel plate now.

@Dave_Posey I paid the extra and chose the 1000 mW version. It has cut 2mm plastic.

@Samer_Najia I must post pic of latest version, you know these things evolve.

@Daniel_Joyce I followed the link and was very disappointed. Typical rant by someone because you have the same toys as them (or better). Perhaps some some of us have equivalent or heaven forbid better training with hazardous materials and equipment. Not everyone will rush out a lase away at random objects I actually purchased mine to build an automatic solder station for smd electronic boards. As you will see when I publish the next lot of pictures of my CNC I am all about safety. So far I have added GFCI protection with a 2 channel monitoring redundant safety stop system complete with dynamic braking. Also considering a light curtain.

@Dave_Posey It is similar but not the same.

Sorry, I just see so many hobbyists and kickstarters using or selling unsafe laser products. We have idiots buying those overpowered green or blue lasers and blinding ferry captains for example. Sometimes you have hobbyists whose excitement exceedes their understanding and put themselves and others at risk.

@Robert_Ritchie you are right, I see the different laser module on the carriage.

I didn’t have a 1W laser upgrade available. I’ve looked at other upgrades, but moved onto my 3d printer for now.

I’m interested in seeing where you are going with your project. It sounds interesting.

@Robert_Ritchie oh yes, I know. That’s part of the fun.

@Samer_Najia Here is a current view of the machine with the steel base plate.


@Daniel_Joyce ​ HaHa I just realised this guy Phil at Funranium would lose his mind if he saw my power supply. I don’t intend on going to jail or blinding myself or causing any injury to myself from any energy source. Safety is my highest priority, so stay tuned in and you might see some interesting tech.