I found but can't relocate the GitHub site with,

I found but can’t relocate the GitHub site with, Particle System developed by giladaya and ported from the Colorduino/Rainbowduino onto the WS2812 LED strips using the FastLED library. I want to contact the author who ported and ask why, even though it looks right, it doesn’t work. Starfield (a new visual) was what I was after. I wish I could get “Spin” to work but it doesn’t. Anyone know what I’m talking about.

I use the Photon with an older branch of FastLED, link below. Is that what you’re looking for? If so, it’s just vanilla FastLED, and you are more likely to get help locally than from the fork author.

Is this the one you’re looking for? https://github.com/fuse314/arduino-particle-sys

I haven’t tried it out in over a year, but it seemed to work alright then.

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Upon further inspection the Starfirld sketch emanates from the very 1st LED. Not from the center. I don’t think that this is correct. All of the ParticleSys sketches seem to get stuck on the 1st LED. WS2812 LESs in serpentine wiring.

maybe this here: https://bitbucket.org/ratkins/technocolourdreamcoat2014/src

Because I’m still having problems with the WS2812 matrix I’m wondering; are there different flavors of the Particle says library that aren’t compatible? I have a Rainbowduino/Colorduino Particle says library as well as a FastLED particle says library. I wonder if there is a conflict here as the Arduino IDE looks through all libraries and grabs what it thinks is relevant. Am I onto something? After all Jason Coon stated that the sketches worked last year for him. They don’t work for me and I’m stumped. Anyone?

I found the site on Github, thanks Jason Coon. The fact that you converted the Colorduino sketches to run on an Arduino are amazing however I keep getting this error on every single sketch:
ParticleSysConfig g(LED_WIDTH, LED_HEIGHT);
Error states: ‘ParticleSysConfig’ does not name a type: did you mean ‘Particle Sys’?

While there is an archive of old Google+ FastLED content on Maker Forums, the FastLED community has requested that new conversation happen on Reddit:

You might post on r/FastLED referencing this post for context.