I found an easy way to set the bar heights on Eustathios using the

I found an easy way to set the bar heights on Eustathios using the spacers I posted earlier. Some fine tuning may be required based on the accuracy of your printed carriage or spacers as well as how the bushings (or bearings in some cases) settle in your carriage. But it gives a consistent alignment to start from.

Here are the files again for anyone who missed the first post: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1rU7sHY9d8qVnp2WWxxZTFCNVU&usp=sharing

Nice, a simple and practical solution !

I saw the spacer design the other day but didn’t think of using it with the printer inverted. Genius.

Are your rods spaced the same as the original sketch up design? Your bearing mounts seem to be positioned differently. I ask because I’d love to take advantage of these alignment guides.

@Erik_Scott yes the rods are spaced 14mm apart center to center. This is the same spacing and location as the original Eustathios.

Hi Eric, I have already ordered my frame from Misumi, it should arrive by next week or so. But I am finding difficulty figuring out the pulleys, bearings, linear shafts, lead screws etc. Is it safe to order based on @Jason Smith Bom spreadsheet? It’s exactly what you have correct?

@Gus_Montoya If you don’t mind waiting a little bit I will have a more detailed BOM soon. Jasons list is great, but for example I would replace line 7 for GPA32GT2060-A-P5 with these: 20 tooth 5mm bore from http://www.smw3d.com/gt-pulleys/

Also you can get the 32tooth 10mm bore from the same place.

I am getting close if you can spare to wait. I promise, less than 1 week and I should have V2 models, BOM, and files more formalized.

NP Eric, I will be more patient. Sorry for the constant hagging :confused:

Hi Eric
I have the files and I imported them into solid works. I tried using the measuring tool but for some reason it is not working. I want to varify that the two alignment tools are the correct size. Do you have the dimensions?