I found a stepper gold mine! I guess I'm gonna have to make another

(Isaac Jones) #1

I found a stepper gold mine! I guess I’m gonna have to make another 3d printer now…

(Carlton Dodd) #2

Are they as small as they look?
What is it you’re salvaging from?

(Donald Morbelli) #3

Looks like the focusing mechanism from an old style projector

(Isaac Jones) #4

Yeah, it’s a “Golden Scan 3” from Clay Paky. Some sort of halogen projector with rotating gobo’s and things. There’s about 9 stepper motors in the whole thing. They all seem to be NEMA-17’s in varying configurations.

(Carlton Dodd) #5

@Donald_Morbelli “Old style” LOL
I’m old enough to remember the focusing mechanism was my hand turning the lens tube.

(Donald Morbelli) #6

I hear you. I was the “remote control” for the family tv, had to sit to the side, turn the know and then fine tune the rabbit ears. Nice jackpot Isaac.

(aindriu macfehin) #7

What is it?

(Andreas Thorn) #8

I just replied something negative about salvaged parts and changed my mind just after posting it. Must be one of those days.

Salvaging rules.

(Jeremy G (WeisTek Engineering)) #9

Great find. I can’t seem to get my hands on anything that has steppers in it. Less they are tiny and underrated custom steppers.

(James Newton) #10


(3roomlab) #11

errm hey i used these clap pakys before. those are NEMA17s. golden scan 3 optical system (or anything from claypaky) are very nice. the lenses/opticals are worth about USD40 ea minimum. and the ballast o my … even the circuit, they are very hardy. the opticals are one of the best in the industry, the color filters are … oh gawd, its one of the best entertainment lights i have used/repaired
. if you have time to strip it all down and sell the high power stuff (ballast etc), you could buy a whole new set of NEMAs. the HMI1200 lamp assembly if intact is a HV stand off (about 8-10kv on lamp strike iirc). gawd these used to sell like USD4k a piece new back in the days, now nobody wants them due to “entertainment” fashion trends. oh and btw, the dual AC fans if original, are damn great AC fans. they should be Papst or something like that (nothing is made in china inside, clay paky electronics were all made in UK iirc)

(Jeremy G (WeisTek Engineering)) #12

@James_Newton thanks!