I found a bug that occurs on 3.1.8 and 3.1.6, but not on 3.1.3.

(David Specht) #1

I found a bug that occurs on 3.1.8 and 3.1.6, but not on 3.1.3. When using the the demo reel code, when I switch to either sinelon or juggle using a mode button, my feather u32u4 crashes/freezes. I found a mention of this issue at the following link, https://github.com/bruhautomation/ESP-MQTT-JSON-Digital-LEDs/issues/13
At the bottom of the post it looked like someone fixed the bug, but I have tried both the 3.1.8 and 3.1.6 releases and it still happens on both. However, if I go back to the 3.1.3 release the issue does not occur. Is there a particular place I should report this bug, or is it still known? Any fix to it? Thanks.

(Marc Miller) #2

Have you tested this on any other controllers?

Can you post your code (or simplified version that still shows what you’re encountering) to http://gist.github.com and share the link here?

(Yves BAZIN) #3

@David_Specht hello
Can you post your the code of your demo reel code on gist or something ? Because I looked at the the post and the reason it was not working was corrected in the version of fastled 3.1.8

(David Specht) #4

I am using someone else’s code, shown here: https://gist.github.com/atuline/9ea9b277c1e9be341a41

I have not tested with any other microcontrollers yet.

(Yves BAZIN) #5

@David_Specht indeed the error is there
You have in both functions
Replace NUM_LEDS with NUM_LEDS-1

(Marc Miller) #6

@Andrew_Tuline FYI.

(Yves BAZIN) #7

@David_Specht let me know if it works

(David Specht) #8

Yes it does, I made the change, and everything works great on 3.1.8 now. Any idea what change was made that caused that edit to be necessary?

(Yves BAZIN) #9

@David_Specht that is because of the change of the beatsin16 function from 3.1.3 forward.

(Marc Miller) #10

@David_Specht I think this is when beatsin16 was changed:

(Awhile ago, and Andrew’s example is probably from before that.)

(Andrew Tuline) #11

@marmil Thanks! Just checked my version that’s online (since 9 months), and it refers to NUM_LEDS-1. Have just updated that gist as well.

In the meantime, heading out for a week vacation. Oops, looks like one of our stops at Kimberly, BC is now being evacuated because of fire. :frowning: