I for one am pretty impressed.:

I for one am pretty impressed.:

didn’t we already have this as Makerarm on Kickstarter?
Same configuration.

You are correct. I liked Makerarm too :), in fact I welcome as many offers as possible, especially in the lower price range, but until such times any new addition just opens up the market.

Seems like Makerarm is still just up for “pre-orders”. Both are in the same price range of 2000€ (with 19% sales tax and shipping). Building my own I can get 1.5m linear rail assemblies with motor in V-Slot for about 140eur (when including a margin for power supply and a Sparkfun AutoDriver because they are so easy to control). Quite a hefty difference but for that I get a ready made machine, support and a super easy setup procedure (learning my moving the arm and a simple visual rule engine) to reprogram the robot for different tasks. So it’s nothing I’d use in a fixed mini-conveyor-belt but something that can easy the task of making 30 or 100 times one task, then a different task and then a different one again in a more universal workshop. That versatility without having to do CAD and software development for new tasks sure is a great thing.

I sure would like to buy just the end effectors to use them in my own projects. Such a suction gripper seems to be very useful.

Don’t know if the Makerarm brags with a Harmonic Drive this one mentions it so it looks much more interesting than the Makerarm if the latter one doesn’t use a Harmonic Drive.

It’s probably the reason why they have such a high load capacity.
Also the frame looks much more rigid then the Makerarm. Sad that all the perks where you would get a real monetary benefit compared to the later price are already taken and they haven’t even done update #1 where they promised to publish the shipping prices.