I finished assembly and wiring of late last night. Here are some pictures.

I finished assembly and wiring of #HercuLien late last night. Here are some pictures. I am really happy with the precision feel on the gantry motion, the total lack of friction when moving the gantry by hand, and the package as a whole. The only thing remaining mechanically is the new side panels.

Next up is making some tweaks to the 3d model and uploading it to my git repository.

Once all that is done I will finish the removable direct drive extruder module that can mount on the carriage. That was one of my motivations on this project. I want the versatility of direct drive at low speeds, and the weight savings of bowden at high speeds.

Below is a YouTube link to HercuLien’s first moves:

Nice! That thing is a beast.

Wow, nice piece of hardware. Would really like to see some videos. And of course it would be interesting so see the print speed with an acceptable quality :wink:

@Sven_Eric_Nielsen video in the description above. Print images later this weekend or early next week. I need to catch up on sleep and spend some quality time with the family to recharge.

Shiny hood! Nice machine!

@Shauki I had my Corexy enclosed. But the panels mounted to the outside. Now they will mount on tabs inside the frame rails to leave room for the slide mounts of the x/y drive motors and other items mounted to the frame exterior. They will be mounted with wing nuts for easy removal for maintenance.

On my Corexy the chamber reaches thermal equilibrium at around 50c with the bed at 110c. I found this works great for minimizing if not eliminating abs warp.

This is such a damn nice printer, please post more details :slight_smile:

@Oystein_Krog my entire SolidWorks library of parts and assemblies will be available on github soon. I will also include Step files, STL’s, and bill of materials.

@Shauki I don’t plan on selling anything. I just really love this as a hobby and the community more than anything . But if anybody feels like hiring me for a high salary to play with this stuff for a living I wouldn’t turn it down :wink:

@Eclsnowman that’s pretty much my life ATM. I’m trying to make it my life for a few years haha.

Direct drive & bowden ist the excellent choice!

That machine is awesome @Eclsnowman ! So many good design choices there, and beautiful packaging - it’s like you’ve done this before or something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What is the red strip you have in the v slot? Is it v-slot only stuff or… ?

@Jarred_Baines works on both Misumi and open build v-slot:

Looking at it, it doesn’t use the “V” part of the extrusion for location, I’m pretty sure it’d fit on my extrusions (dbasix branded) - at least I hope so! Looks great! Might just have to try it.

Misumi also sells them. I think so long as the slot width and flange thinkness is close there should be no problems.