I find myself standing still in this pose far too often.

I find myself standing still in this pose far too often. Anyone else?


Oh yeah! What printer is that?

:wink: It’s my custom-built c-bot: http://www.akeric.com/blog/?page_id=3063

Pretty clean machine.

Standing, nah. I bought a bar stool and cut 5" off the legs, so my eyes are level to the bed. Also good for napping with head on bench :slight_smile:


I find myself doing this all the time. It is a bad habit.

@Adam_Steinmark Yep, it’s the benchy, but 2.5x as big, since I’m using a 1mm volcano :wink:

@Eric_Pavey I can see the normal size benchy in the corner of the bed. Interesting fill pattern, what slicer are you using?

Lol I’ve probably logged a hundred hours in that pose :wink:

@Adam_Steinmark : It’s Simplify3D’s triangular infill.

Guess why OctoPrint has webcam support built in… Monitoring? Pah… That’s just what I tell people, this is the real reason.

I did that a lot when I first got my printer… Eventually I quit because the smell gave me headaches, and more importantly I got octoprint running with a webcam.

If you calibrate your printer right, you do not need do this anymore. It should just print fine every time.

@Hakan_Evirgen No matter how well calibrated the printer is, watching it work is always mesmerizing

So calm as an aquarium

@foosel yes that is one good reason to watch :slight_smile:

Don’t allow one to be on my desk and running anymore, I won’t get anything done…:slight_smile:

3d printer.