I find myself changing alot of slicer settings. Often. In several different slicers.

I find myself changing alot of slicer settings. Often. In several different slicers. And I bet I am not alone.

Sometimes it takes days and a certain model, speed or other condition to see some effects of a settings change I made days ago. It makes it pretty messy because a trivial change today might have devestating effects later and is hard to track.

Do you use any good/easy/flexible incremental backup or versioning system for things like slicer settings and similar?

(I am on Windows 8.1 on the work horse due to software availability. I tried making ntfs junctions to sync with Google Drive but that wasn’t supported.)

Re: Drive, try hardlinks instead of junctions… see: mklink /H

Cura saves the used settings in every GCode file at the end. So sort of semi-automatic stores every setting you use as long as you keep the GCode files.

You might want to install TortoiseSVN and manage your settings in a local repository. It is quite easy to use and would fit well with this use case. There are tools in the suite to show differences between revisions and the check-in and check-out operations are easy to learn.

When you are using Slic3r, you can save each one under a different profile name. I use names like .2-noraft-60p-firstlayer so I can remember what I tweaked.

3p3t3b.10 inf HC
Definition, 3 Perimiters,3Top layers,#bottom layers at .10%infill in Honeycomb pattern. See easy…

I almost never change my slicer settings once they’re set. Most I ever change is layer height. But I’m usually printing structural parts, never anything artistic with crazy overhangs or features that are all that different from part to part.

I have profiles set up in Kiss and Cura I rarely change.
I don’t use Slic3r much but on the occasions I have, it tends to require more tweeking, possibly because there are more things to tweek. The ‘load config from Gcode’ capability in Cura is very useful.