I finally received this motorized bed from Lightobject

I finally received this motorized bed from Lightobject. ( http://www.lightobject.com/Power-Z-Table-Bed-Kit-for-K40-Small-Laser-Machine-P722.aspx ).
Now, the one I received has a bed, metal, plated in silver. At least, that’s what LO says.
Now, it’s not a honeycomb bed, nor a pinned bed or anything. Just a plate with holes in it.
Am I supposed to source some pins that fit inside those holes before I start acrylic cutting on this bed?
I’m thinking the bed might be reflecting the beam and cause damage to the acrylic.

If there’s someone here who’s using a bed like this, can you please tell me how you’re doing it ?


I use tapered roll pins in the holes and some random methods to hold work above the table, like old cpu heat sinks.

I bought it with the intent to modify it, but its a low priority project for me.

I could order pins like this : https://www.amazon.com/Super-More-100x15mm-Screwback-Leathercraft/dp/B00LAYPNIY?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00

I can also order a honeycomb bed and put that on top of it… just not sure what would be the better choice :confused:

On mine I had to remove the table and flatten it as it had a pretty significate bow in it. you might check that.

I didn’t buy from these guys but found them afterwards.


@Andy_Knuts I have honeycomb on mine and outta gummed up. Going tho remove tube honeycomb, clean the bed and pot some 12 gauge wire under it hc to lift so the smoke can escape under the hc too.

I use mending plates from Home Depot. Cheap and easy to support your parts.


Posted this on FB, but I seem to get a LOT more reliable information from the folks here.

I just ordered my Cohesion board and accessories and found a couple of TB6600s on eBay. Does anyone, know what the switch settings are for the TB6600s for the LightObject Z table and rotary?