I finally got the extruder sorted out on my "ultimate thing-o-matic upgrade".

I finally got the extruder sorted out on my “ultimate thing-o-matic upgrade”. Because the extruder hot end has to be much longer than it was on the thing-o-matic, I had to figure out a way to extend it. After much experimentation I finally came to this setup. The makerbot aluminum block was replaced with a cnc machined aluminum heat sink with a 2mm hole drilled through it and 6mm threads on the bottom. I machined a new heat barrier tube from stainless that is pretty much like the makerbot one but a little shorter and thinner to reduce heat transfer.
The drive is one that I designed, printed and tested in PLA and then machined out of aluminum.
The hot end has successfully completed 8+ hour print. I just installed the filament drive so it has only printed a bunny.

hey the files of these machine are no longer on thingiverse. can you pass them to make at karanchaphekar gmail com

Where are the design files?
This is the “Type1” upgrade, isn’t it?
(I’m finally able to CNC machine the wooden parts to start doing the same.)
Testing cutting aluminum (carbide cutters and spray cooling) hopefully this weekend,

The extruder is here:http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:102424

The heatsink is here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:102427

It is the Type 1 upgrade.

@Karan_Chaphekar I’m not sure where jetguy/barrychuck has them now. You could try emailing him on the 3dprintertipstricksreviews google group. He probably moved them somewhere else.