I figured I'd throw some paint on another carving.

I figured I’d throw some paint on another carving. Sometimes I feel like the pieces need some color to bring them to life.

Very nice!

You are working that ox! Beautiful work, on all your projects. Gun calendar was great, mind sharing your file source?

@funinthefalls Thank you.

@Mark_Leino Any chance I get, that’s what I’m doin’ The snake carving came with a set of models I bought from Etsy.com.

The gun calendar came from https://www.facebook.com/groups/1496150987359362/?ref=group_header

Dan Ingram designed it and shared it.

@Jack_Daugherty thanks!

Hey Jack, I like the painting. Not my strength. I thought I’d join that Facebook group so that I can learn those techniques. Nice work!

It may be helpful to you. I personally grew up watching Bob Ross, “The Joy of Painting” lol.

@Jack_Daugherty I can’t paint at all. I was trying to get someone to paint these:https://plus.google.com/photos/116040355309435516557/albums/6648202407399486257/6648202405545581170