I figured I'd throw some paint on another carving.

(Jack Daugherty) #1

I figured I’d throw some paint on another carving. Sometimes I feel like the pieces need some color to bring them to life.

(Anthony Bolgar) #2

Very nice!

(Mark Leino) #3

You are working that ox! Beautiful work, on all your projects. Gun calendar was great, mind sharing your file source?

(Jack Daugherty) #4

@funinthefalls Thank you.

(Jack Daugherty) #5

@Mark_Leino Any chance I get, that’s what I’m doin’ The snake carving came with a set of models I bought from Etsy.com.

The gun calendar came from https://www.facebook.com/groups/1496150987359362/?ref=group_header

Dan Ingram designed it and shared it.

(Mark Leino) #6

@Jack_Daugherty thanks!

(George Allen) #7

Hey Jack, I like the painting. Not my strength. I thought I’d join that Facebook group so that I can learn those techniques. Nice work!

(Jack Daugherty) #8

It may be helpful to you. I personally grew up watching Bob Ross, “The Joy of Painting” lol.

(George Allen) #9

@Jack_Daugherty I can’t paint at all. I was trying to get someone to paint these:https://plus.google.com/photos/116040355309435516557/albums/6648202407399486257/6648202405545581170

(George Allen) #10