I figured I'd post this as it may help somone out when using LaserWeb4

I figured I’d post this as it may help somone out when using LaserWeb4 with one of those cheap Chinese extrusion type lasers if you experience BSOD on Windows I have done some investigation and reverse engineering and come the conclusion it is down too the cheap arduino clone used not laserweb4. Specifically the cheap FTDI replacement used (Ch340 chip) replacing the nano with a genuine arduino with an FTDI chip seems to solve the issue.

Thanks for posting this; I wish that chip never existed. For some people it corrupts data without causing a BSOD. Others swear there’s no problem because it works well on their machines.

It’s terrible it has ruined many projects and cost a lot of money. Thing is it will cause different types of BSOD such as Memory Management, bad pool headers, Irq errors to which makes it difficult to debug the issue at times. I guess the chips have there place but for streaming G-Code go legit you’ll save lots of money in the long run.

Hi Reece, thanks for the hint! once I replace the CH340 with a genuine FTDI, the functionality will be the same or I need to change something in the firmware\driver?
thank you

@Antonio_Giudice Replace the old arduino with a genuine or something that uses a real FTDI chip and you should have no problems just be sure to back up your current grbl settings and configure the new one.

hello Reece, replaced and installed an arduino clone but with FTDI chip, FLAWLESS! never BSOD since then! only had to reconfigure gbrl with the $$ and solved all the issues! Thank you so much for the hint!!!