I feel that pronterface is becoming a bit obsolete,

I feel that pronterface is becoming a bit obsolete, so what new and fancy host software are people running now and why?

@OctoPrint , because it runs on a Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:

I still use pronsole/pronterface, at least on my netbook. RepetierHost is great on other systems.

Repetierhost is what printrbot recommended for my printrbot Simple which should be arriving any day now, and i liked it on my 2012 16G quadcore. Is it too heavy for netbooks? I was planning to dedicate an old netbook to controlling the thing. Guess I should be able to test it soon.

The host software doesn’t have to be lightweight for me, as I’ll run it on a pretty powerful desktop PC.

I tried Repetierhost yesterday and it almost hogged half a Gig of memory.
Works really well, though.

I ran Repetier host on an old school windows nt tablet a while back (circa 2000) and it ran just fine, whole system had 256mb sdram. Took a while to slice things but it did run.

I use Repetier host on my main rig, and pronterface I used for maint of the hot end, now I just use my LCD for that.

None. I added SD card reader, display and buttons to my printer. I just slice the files, copy the Gcode to my SD card and let the printer do its job. No more worrying about serial/USB problems, no waste of energy for a computer that only sends a few bytes around etc. :slight_smile:

@Jan_Wildeboer Nice, what panel are you using?

I’ve been working with Simplify 3D Creator recently. Its not free at $125 and not open source but has some amazing features like being able to slice different models arranged on a single platform with completely different settings, manually editable support material, and mesh editing and simplification in the program itself. Its also easily 20 times faster slicing than slic3r which is incredible. I am mostly interested in it for students at the University to provide a RepRap alternative to the simple FormLabs software but Im still on the fence. There is something really nice about the straight forwardness of Pronterface… its adorable.

+Brian Evans which language you have targeted for making 3d Creator ?

@Gowtham_Raj Not my program, and I am not affiliated with them in any way. It can be found here: http://www.simplify3d.com/

I love repetier when I’m printing off the desktop. I also run pronterface when I’m printing off a raspberry pi.

Oh ok I misunderstood lol :smiley: slic3r is better in opensource gcode conversion software and have frequent updates till now whether you may use pronterface, repetier host etc have a try… and is written in Perl language and efficient algorithms are used for speed conversion Good luck Happy 3dprinting :slight_smile: