I feel pretty stupid,

(George Allen) #1

I feel pretty stupid, I thought HSM was the name for the company that ran SolidWorks. And, I had been using that acronym repeatedly. Does anybody use High Speed Milling?

(George Allen) #2

Also, does anyone have a subscription to CNC Cookbook’s G-Wizard Calculator? Is it worth purchasing a year subscription, if you’re unfamiliar with specific feeds & speeds?

(Marc Miller) #3

@George_Allen I believe you can get a free trial of G wizard. Give it a test.

(John Bump) #4

I’ve read a bunch about hsm but don’t have the equipment to take advantage of it. And yeah I believe g-wizard calculator has a trial period.

(Kyle Kerr) #5

Speeds and feeds calculators can be found all over the 'net for free. In the end they are all just ball park figures. You’ll need to adjust for your situation.

(charlie wallace) #6

just makes sure you use one with settable HP, a lot of the calcs dont, g-wizard is good. high speed machining if you can do it is great, needs a fast rigid machine though

(George Allen) #7

Thanks guys. I already used up my free trial period last year when I downloaded it, but didn’t have enough time to use it.