I feel like I ought to apologize for not being able to deliver a

I feel like I ought to apologize for not being able to deliver a tutorial on how to use the super touchplate widget. First, I have to thank @jlauer for making one in my absence, I’m glad to see it works on someone else’s machine, and as usual he’s done a fantastic job, arguably much better than I would have done anyway.
I initially started work on it during a winter break from my last year of high school for my dad, who was frustrated with the mill we had been building. It became a problem for him to make repeated cuts on a piece when re-zeroing the mill was a tedious and imprecise task, so I decided to try and make it better after seeing a Mach3 mill do a similar operation.
Unfortunately I only had time to finish making the widget in the week long break and did not have time to make a video. AP exams and finishing up high school became a large time sink, and to my great dismay the mill we had built broke over the summer, and I haven’t had access to it since moving into college.
I’m glad that the work has been done anyway, and I hope everyone enjoys using it. I have published STL files with touchplates that can be used with this widget in the following repository if your machine can mill out a piece of aluminum.

You definitely don’t need to apologize. Your contribution has been a super valuable thing, so you’ve done a lot just there. If people can squeeze in contributions the way you did between a massive life event of leaving high school and entering college, that’s even more amazing.

I noticed you commented out in your HTML the X plate width and Y plate width textboxes. You kept the Z plate height textbox. Was something not working on those?

@jlauer I commented them out because of the way I intended the plates to work - the edge of the plate should exactly line up with the edge of the workpiece. However, after watching your video, I see that it would be helpful to have those enabled again. I will go ahead and re-enable those, and I’m pretty sure there’s some code that needs to be re-enabled to deal with them as well.

What would be cool is to toss a link to my video into your widget for future folks.

@jlauer I started writing the widget to have tabs for organization and a popup modal for the tutorial, but it isn’t ready yet… I noticed that the TinyG workspace has my development branch linked, not the master one, and I can’t change it. While it should be functional it isn’t quite ready to be used as the tutorial tab doesn’t work yet. Can you change it so that it pulls from the master branch?

Ok, I changed it based on your pull request yesterday. I can change it back.

@jlauer thanks, I made the pull request months ago (I think), which explains the trouble. It may also have been something wrong with my workspace in C9. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.